Soft Play

Our multi-tiered soft play frame will provide a safe, fun and stimulating play environment for babies, toddlers and juniors. play area has lots of activities across four levels for endless entertainment.
We have a designated baby and toddler area with soft play equipment for them to explore. Such as, soft squishy animal shapes, soft stackable building blocks, interactive mirror panels . where as the toddlers can have a go at our mini ride on, ball pool, twin slides, bash bags, etc. Juniors can enjoy the activities on the frame, swirl down the curly slide, slide down the four lane slide and enjoy tagging friends and family in the lazer arena.

Rules of play
Do not enter play facility if; you have had back, neck, or heart problems, broken bones, if you are pregnant or have other physical or medical problems, especially limb injuries. Children must not use the play facility if they are unwell, wearing plaster cast or have sustained any kind of injuries. We have provided separate age appropriate zones, for everyone’s safety please adhere to all age and height restrictions. All under fives must be accompanied by an adult on the main play-frame. All children must be supervised by parents and carers at all times.

Children must not stand up; run up/down/on the slides. Do not play in front of or at the bottom of the slides. No ride ons or other objects must be thrown down the slide. Children or adults must not run in the soft play area. It is forbidden to climb on the netted walls or the system structure. Balls must not be removed from the play areas. Balls or other objects must not be thrown.

Children and adults must remove shoes/footwear whilst in the play area(s). Both children and adults must wear socks at all times whilst on carpeted or in play area(s). We strongly recommend that anyone riding our slides wears clothing that covers all limbs and is not made with any nylon type fabric as this could lead to avoidable friction burns. Clothing with rope cords and toggles should not be worn in the play area. Children must remove spectacles (unless shatterproof), jewellery and any sharp objects, including badges, before entering the play area. It is also recommended to remove your hearing aids during play.

All our play equipment is designed for maximum fun, and has passed stringent requirements regulated by the Play Inspector. We cannot therefore be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of playing on our equipment.

All our activities are subject to height restrictions and availability and the management reserves the right to close an activity without prior notice. Rules of play apply.