Coconut Trees

Coconut tree climbing offers an exciting and unique experience of climbing for children. They are a great way to encourage a little competition. The trees have easy to climb textured trunks. All children climb the trees with suitable safety harnesses and the auto belay system automatically lowers climbers safely down to grounds when they let go off the tree.

Coconut tree climbing apparatus is designed, manufactured, tested and supported by comprehensive quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure reliability and safety.




Operating Times
All our activities are subject to height restrictions and availability and the management reserves the right to close an activity without prior notice. Rules of play apply.
Off Peak : 16:40 – 17:10
Peak : 11.00 – 17.15

Rules of play
•Do not participate if: You have had back, neck, or heart problems, broken bones, if you are pregnant or have other physical or medical problems, especially limb injuries.
•Weight must be between 40-250 lbs ( 18 KG – 113 KG)
•Listen to and obey operating staff at all times
•Read and obey all posted health warning and safety signs
•No side-to-side swinging or climbing
•Feet first repelling only, do not kick back more than 3 feet
•Do not step on the safety cables
•No open toe shoes, No cloggs
•No climbers without approved safety wear and system must climb on
•Adults are not allowed on climbing apparatus
•All our play equipment will close 45 minutes before closing time.
•Children may be refused entry on play equipment if they are not wearing appropriate clothing or footwear, if they do not meet the height restriction, if they are unwell, wearing plaster cast or have sustained injuries
•All our play equipment is designed for maximum fun, and has passed stringent requirements regulated by the Play Inspector.We cannot therefore be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of playing on our equipment